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Welcome to my space,

Where you'll find my heart and soul

Here's a little on why this site was created,

I've always felt like there was more, more then having a career focused on just one job. I never felt like I fit in with anything, I even took 3 leap years before I went back to school because I just felt like nothing suited me. Eventually I just picked something with shorter years of schooling to get me out of waitressing, not knowing it would put me in the direction where my soul just grew with passion and excitement. 

Working in natural health care for 5 years now I realize It still wasn't fully connected to my energy. I'm the type of person who balances the world of multitasking very well so I couldn't just do only massage therapy. People are sick, people are searching for a stronger health care system. I had spent moments where I couldn't help my clients because of my education level or job "scope of practice” wasn’t able to work more deeply with the human mind, body and spirit. So at that point I would refer them, but when they came back they would tell me that they had got nowhere's or only got a little and short term change. (Thankfully now I am connected to people I know care on the level I do so I have a better referral system).

So here I am, making my own job title. Becoming a multidisciplinary health practitioner. I couldn't stand knowing that there was a way to help someone and I couldn’t do it. Especially knowing what they really needed but not knowing how to actually preform it. So after many times of research I've decided i'll be in school for the rest of my life, so that when my clients come to see me I can truthfully say I have helped to the best of my ability, that I didn't give up on you. I know i am still so new at all of this. I know my place and I know when I can’t handle a case, butt when i receive a client that I feel I can’t help then that shows me where I am weak, where I can grow in becoming a better healer.

My site is currently based on my massage therapy career, but behind the scenes there's so much I can't wait to show you. It has been years of work and building connections to get here. Something that my old self use to say to myself "that is impossible Michelle, but after everything in your life, I truley believe in you and I can’t wait to meet future you”.​

My inspiration defiantly comes from trauma, knows the lowest of the lows and then being the person who has recovered and grown so much. I just want to help others find their way to a better life. But mostly it comes from Mother Nature, she just gives me such comfort. Lately i've been spending most of my spare time working with her, I find it's such a special way we can communicate to each other. Her earthy and calming energy gives so much and I just want to share her wisdom and healing abilities. 

Thankful to have such an amazing client base and if you’re new then I can’t wait to meet you!

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