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Meet the team

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Michelle Rose

Massage Therapist, Herbalist Student

Meet Michelle,
Fun, caring, soulful, inspiring, and adventurous 

She was born on Prince Edward Island, adventuring away one week after graduating High School to travel and do volunteer work abroad. Also to learn yoga, meditation, getting her degree in massage therapy, studying herbal medicine, and working with the art of other natural wellness practices.
Michelle has overcome a lot of different types of trauma in her life. After everything, she still shines a golden light around her. Holding tons of passion towards healing others and being able to relate on such a deep level with her clients pain and struggles. She knows that no matter where you are on you're healing journey you can grow and always get to a better place then where you are now. Personally knowing how it can be extremely hard sometimes but has learned that nothing is impossible.
She has always been an activist in human rights, climate change, and poverty.
When she's not at work you can find her creating many different types of art, travelling, camping, gardening, cooking or hiking off to unknown areas on the map. 




Home Clinic Boss & Psychologist

Meet Cleo,

Fluffy, talkative, professional napper, treat addict, and pet-aholic

Cleo was rescued from a hoarder, she spotted her owner one day in SPCA and she just knew she had to jump into her arms and go home with her. The first day she decided she would run away from home and prank her new mother that she had escaped forever. After countless hours of her mother crying and being worried she finally decided to come home wondering why her treats weren't waiting for her. Since then she has ruled the home with her adorable looks and sassy attitude. Cleo will love you when she wants to and run away from you when she thinks your to annoying. Her kindness will make your heart sink with warmth, and her random acts of extreme hyper actions will make you belly laugh. She welcomes you into her home, just let her sniff you first!


Julius Ceasar

Home Entertainment & Cuddle buddy

Meet little Juls,

Happy, cuddly, joyful, playful, a model, and love seeker

Juls was rescued from a feral colony scavenging for his survival as a baby. His mom took him in and treated him back to health for months and he is now living his best life. He'll prove it by constantly having a smile on his face and never ending purring. Juls likes to go for car rides and mini hikes, he plays all day and all night. Juls also likes to hold peoples faces with both his paws so he can give them kisses and hugs. Just be careful of his playful soul, he may nibble!

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