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Higher, Faster, Let's Get Stronger

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

We are living in times of a higher speed. Where energy is acting like a wind storm, just gusting in all directions making it hard to stay stable to the ground.

When we feel this, it's important to move slower, take longer thoughts, make slower decisions, do slower exercises & even just do a little less during the week so you can slow everything else down.

We can't control the high speed of the universe right now but you can influence yours.

Start with getting out of your homes when you can & by that I also mean get out of a building of any sort.

Allow yourself to be outside because nature always moves slow, unless in a storm. Nature will connect with your energy and aid in slowing your rhythm, your heart beat, any anxiousness, rapid thoughts, tight breathing and even the use of your words.

You know everyone is telling you that mother nature is who we need to protect right now....But, no one is talking about the fact that our major protection we have through all of this is her. She is there for you. ALWAYS, no matter what type of "global disease" we cause her. She doesn't leave you. She will always love you even if you feel so distant to her.

This pain and suffering the world is having right now, she alone is the answer in so many ways.

Her medicine.

Her energy.

Her fresh water.

Her abundance of love.

Her wisdom.

Her ability to grow us food.

Love her, I beg you to pay more attention to her.

Go out and give her your time, just let her show you....

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