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You Survived.

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

At this time that I am writing i'm 24 years old. I have visited 13 countries. I have experienced hell on earth as well as heaven. I have seen some brutal truths to the most compassionate intentions. I have cried on shoulders and I have held others who have cried on mine. I am still alive.

I have lived one of the most beautiful lives I could have ever dreamed of, even with the terrors. I wouldn't change a single moment even if it's hard to admit sometimes.

We live one life, but we have to keep in mind that for now all we truly know is that TODAY is all that we have and that our past was what we were able to experience, that's it. It's gone. It's not in existence anymore...just a memory, a picture you see in your head.

I have ran with trains, I've swam in multiple seas, I've helped many people with my own heart and hands, I've saved a life, I've been in love twice, I've met the most amazing people, I've danced my heart out so soulfully my legs gave out. I never prayed sadness on anyone and I have a survived near death experiences. I've been pushed and shoved, manipulated, and abused in every section of the law. But those are the moments that remind me why we need to live big, because those are the unwanted memories that strengthen us and push us forward. Pain makes us human.

We are not dead yet. We are still alive! Do not let go of those words, live your life however you need to because the world will adapt for YOU. You will never be alone and you should trust that.

I am a survivor. As well as you.

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