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*without selenite**Crystals will change from each palo santo kit, so each crystal will be unique. These Palo Santo sticks are sourced from Peru & Ecuador. It is provided to us in the MOST ethical & sustainable way that can be collected from nature.To use these sticks: - Light one end on fire, after a few seconds blow it out- Tilt the stick to a 45 degree angle- Wand it around your space & body* Remember to do this smoothly as we do not want it to spark and lose any of the wood!This will purify the air and welcome in good energy, love, luck and creativity.You can also place a stick in a purse, bag or your own pocket as a grounding technique. Simply hold onto the stick and allow your negative energy to drain down your arm into the stick. This is great for public speakers, energy workers, personal meditation and many more applications.More about how this Palo Santo is sourced; Palo Santo, know as "Bursena Graveolens" is NOT going critically endangered. Each species in the world has a scientific name therefore common names that we are familiar with can actually mean multiple species. Palo Santo has more species under it's common name (some of those are endangered but not what we are using here).There are miles and miles of forest filled with Palo Santo. In reality it is one of the most populated trees in the world! It is protected by the people in Peru & Ecuador who consider themselves the gatekeepers of Palo Santo, as it is a sacred tree.I get my Palo Santo from a trusted, wonderful and caring company. Their rules are that living trees are NEVER cut down for use. Dead and fallen trees are where you actually get your sticks from. Each tree removed allows for new Palo Santo fruit to be planted and continues the growth of the next generation.This is what we truly call humans and nature working together as one. How pure. This is why Palo Santo is so beautiful. It is hard to find that in the world we live in today.

Palo Santo Bundle

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